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 Secondary Library

Secondary Library

 Not only does the Library contain traditional educational resources such as books, magazines, and newspapers, but it also offers a large range of services and initiatives to the whole school.

What’s On Autumn Term 2018

K3 literacy focused lessons being offered to all English classes; Research Skills lessons being offered to all Year Groups; Reading Café, The Escape Room and A Journey into Reading intervention programmes being offered to Years 7, 8 & 9; Library Student Committee applications received, interviews taken place and positions filled; Student Library Assistants helping in the Library; Lost Property responsibility taken over by the LRC.
The Library Services

·       Physical resources – books, magazines, newspapers, comics.

·       Online resources –

·       KS3 Literacy Focused lessons

·       The Reading Café – Year 7 book club

·       The Escape Room – Year 8 21st century competencies

·       A Journey into Reading – Year 9 listen & create

·       Research Skills

·       Research Skills website –

·       The Language Café – community English lessons

·       Year 6 Transition

·       Student Library Committee

·       Student Library Assistants

·       Lost Property

The LRC Space

The LRC consists of a large entrance housing the main reception area, a relaxing area, a silent study room, a silent reading room and a conference room.  The reception area is where resources are borrowed, returned, reserved and renewed.  It is also the area where a large range of information is displayed to keep users informed of what is happening in the Library, in school, in Dukhan, nationally and internationally.  The relaxing area offers comfortable chairs where students can sit and talk or play a game of chess and Scrabble.  Beyond the reception area there is a silent study area where students can work before school and during break times, and where the research and intervention lessons take place.  The silent reading room is where all the fiction books are located and are easily located by genre. The area consists of comfortable seating so users can get comfy and enjoy their reading in peace.   At the far end of the LRC is a conference room.  This room includes a large conference desk, computer, overhead projector and screen.  This room can be booked by students and staff at any time for the completion of projects, group work, etc.

Contact: Mrs Baker, T: 4014 2505, E: