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My Dibba Trip

By Gara Stait-Gardner Mendez

I loved the whole trip but some parts stick more in my mind. One was abseiling. I was the first to go in my group and it was all the scarier for me because I could only use one arm because I had a broken collarbone. Looking down from the top of the very high climbing wall made my heart beat very fast. But with the help of our brilliant Dibba climbing instructor, Brighton, I was able to lean back and abseil down. I enjoyed it.

It was also fun to be able to make friends with girls from Year 8 who would never think to talk to me at school. I had fun sharing a cabin with the Year 8 twins, Halla and Hala, and they helped me a lot.

On the last night, we also did a Talent Show and I loved it. People showed what they were good at and I loved the magic tricks, singing and dancing. I sang with the Year 8 girls and it was great. We rocked.

The whole trip was fun.