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 Foundation Stage

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Foundation Stage is a vibrant and exciting place where children begin their learning journey firstly in FS1 then moving on to FS2. All the staff take excellent care of the children, nurturing and supporting their development.

There are 3 classes, all supported by 7 teaching assistants in FS1 split into 10 small groups. In FS2 there are 4 classes, supported by 6 teaching assistants split into 12 small groups. The curriculum is developmental and with engaging topics, the children learn new skills that they can master throughout all sessions, both in and outdoors.

The teachers plan for creative and dynamic experiences and use the supportive community to enhance this further. The children receive directed adult led sessions and then have time to investigate, explore and create using their senses and self-confidence independently. 

In EYFS the focus is on developing the whole child and instilling the confidence for all children to enjoy and achieve. Here, they take their first steps, making lasting memories and initiating positive first impressions of school life. Every week we celebrate the ‘stars’, following the QP Schools core values during a celebration assembly.

Take a look at the Foundation Stage gallery, highlighting some of the fun and challenging activities the children engage in during their time in EYFS.

We believe communication with parents and pupils is vital and welcome visits to the school. For further information, please contact Miss N. Williams (EYFS Leader).

Foundation Stage consists of two year groups FS1 and FS2. Miss N. Williams is the Early Years Leader and the staff members for this phase are listed below:

FS1 Teacher Mrs. L Craighead
FS1 Teacher Miss. B Quinn
FS1 Teacher Mrs. R Ahmed

FS1 Key Worker Mrs. Taslim Shersiya
FS1 Key Worker Mrs. Hany Dwi
FS1 Key Worker Mrs. Eden Cruz
FS1 Key Worker Mrs. Imelda Ambrocio
FS1 Key Worker Miss. Chastine Baldago
FS1 Key Worker Mrs. Diana Lyn Cabacungan
FS1 Key Worker Mrs. Sunshine Izon

EYFS Leader and Teacher Miss. N Williams 
FS2 Teacher Mrs. F. Rahman
FS2 Teacher Miss. E Courtney
FS2 Teacher Mrs. S Bauhadoor

FS2 Key Worker Mrs. Reenu Babu
FS2 Key Worker Mrs. Mary Rose Navarro
FS2 Key Worker Mrs. Sini Elizabeth Joji
FS2 Key Worker Mrs. Cecilia Lansigan
FS2 Key Worker Mrs. Mary Lou Garcia
FS2 Key Worker Mrs. Nabila Hamdine.