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 Key Stage 1 & 2

It’s been one roller coaster of a year for the superstar Stingrays! We’ve had ups… and even more ups! Being the most artistic House there is, we once again smashed House Creative Day and swam to victory with Dali as a convincing shark, Jemima as our star pianist and Kara and Esme as suspense building narrators. Who knew Stingrays were so gifted? Our creativity was also used to come first in House Photography with some great pictures from Ollie, Nico, Jesse and Riya. As the House is made up of some of the best, friendliest and most helpful students in the school, we also did really well swimming around the school and scooping up House Points.

Now the end of the year is close and we have to say goodbye to some much loved members of staff who have helped us in all we have achieved. Mrs. Hodgson, Mr. Fowler and Mr. Langdon, we will miss you. We will also be watching our House Captains Kara and Shabil float away up to secondary, so we are on the look out for the next generation of Stingray Captains.

We can’t contain our excitement to see if we can swim away with the trophy this year, but even if we don’t, it’s been a great year filled with fun, success and laughter. I couldn’t be prouder of all of my Stingrays. Float like seaweed, sting like a ray!


Zikreet Stingrays