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 KS 3-5

Welcome back to all those members of the Green House who were so successful last year, winning no less than seven events in the 2014-2015 Dukhan English School House competition.

Congratulations to Zainab and Ali on their appointments to the positions of House Captain and to all the Year Captains announced in the first House Assembly of the Autumn Term. Welcome also, to those new members of the secondary school Green House, including the new Year 7s, who I have been reliably informed are a group full of musical, artistic and sporting talent that, I am sure will help make 2015-2016 the most successful year yet.

This is my fifth year involved in the Green House and my first full year as House Leader. In those five years, I have been impressed by the team spirit, tenacity and work-ethic of all members of the House. As students you have shown yourselves to be worthy of membership to the Wolf Pack. You will need no reminding of the characteristics that make us superior to the over-grown pussy cats, the slippery fish and the short-tempered insects: We work best as a pack; we support each other in times of success and failure and we never give up, even in times when defeat seems inevitable. 

So let’s make this year the best yet. Let’s target those events in which we know we are strong; the Girls’ and Boys’ Football; the Athletics; the Netball; the Music Competition and the End of Year Quiz. Let’s avoid complacency at all costs and aim to improve in those events in which we did less well last year: the House Points; the Cricket; the Basketball; the Cross-Country and especially the Girls’ Swimming.

Come on Green House. We can do it!

Mr. Gomersall