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 KS 3-5

   Shahaniya KS  3-5

The Leopards have enjoyed an excellent year with successes across the spectrums of sport, academia and culture.

The annual cricketing success was once again completed with a comprehensive performance from all Key Stages to blow away any semblance of competition. This followed up the success enjoyed by not only the girl’s footballers but the House Rounder’s team on Sports Day.


The annual end of term Quiz was also won by a canter by the hungry Leopards who devoured all other animals to claim the deserved trophy of School intellectuals. Furthermore, intellectual and academic prowess was confirmed by the winning of both term’s House Point Shield which shows a true dedication to Leopard Studies.

The Inter House Drama also showed off the Leopards in their best light where they produced a sensational piece of Theatre that was considered the best performance by the majority of the audience on the day.

All in all, the Leopards have awoke from their previous few years slumber and are now roaring with pride and vigour as befits the natural world’s most prolific hunter.