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 KS 3-5

The New Year has commenced and the We will, we will rock you, Khattiyah Scorpions, have risen to the top.  As Scorpions, we have proven that we can adapt to all events and still bring on our A-game!  In Term 1, we proved our ability by coming first in the Inter-House Swimming Gala.  In addition, we won over the judges with our edgy, rock-themed media advert and with the help of Miss Bibi and Mr. Howell, gained yet another first place.  Furthermore, we managed to draw with the Umm Bab Wolves in the Key Stage 4 and 5 Girls’ Netball and we came second in the Girls’ Football, thanks to Kelsey Graham who ran around like a Duracell Bunny, scoring all our goals!  We have our new sports representative, Ghana, to thank for much of the above success as she organized the events and chose the teams.

Our moment of glory came when we were awarded the House Shield for Term 1.  We were awarded the shield, not just for our performance in the events above, but also because we received so many House Points and Commendations.  We must thank all those who volunteered to take part in each event; especially those who broke out of their shell for the first time and stepped up to join teams. Special thanks also, to all of you who turned up to support the events and cheer us on.  Our success in Term 1 is down to all of you!

Since last year, there have been a few changes that you all need to know about.  First, as Mrs. Bhooma has left, Mr Amin will now be collecting House Points.  Second, we have a new Deputy Head of House, the lovely Miss Bratton!  In addition, the wonderful Mr. Al-Zaidy has become Head of House and Chief Scorpion.  Our female House Captains are now Sarah Jacobsen, Rechita Lall and Kelsey Graham. Our male House Captain is Sean Reyes.  With this dynamic team, we should be able to continue our success.  Let’s see what Term 2 brings…