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 Key Stage 1 & 2

This year the Khattiyah Scorpions have taken part in all the House events with an energy and enthusiasm I thought no scorpion had!  We started well by winning the Water Festival and the Problem Solving Competitions and coming second in the Cross Country, Table Football and Creative Day.  Red House have really enjoyed these competitions. But some of the other competitions proved harder for us to be successful in so we will go away and practice before the next year’s competition. Go Scorpions! Go!

Unfortunately as the year draws to a close we have to say goodbye to some of our beloved Scorpions. Thank you, Miss. Kafour, for being an amazing second in command for the Scorpions; we wish you lots of luck as you start your own family. Mr. and Mrs. Birch and Miss. Noble have been stalwarts of the Scorpion family over the years and we wish them well in their new adventures.  Mr. Scott has only been with us for a couple of years but we wish him well as he furthers his career in a less sandy place. Good Luck to you all from all of us!

Ms Tomley
Head of Red House