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The Shahaniya Leopards are famed for being the only House (perhaps in the world?), to have two colors; Yellow and Black. This uniqueness arose because the founding Head of Shahaniya, Mr. S Wilde, refused point-blank to accept the results of the draw that allocated his House as the "Yellow team". A compromise was negotiated and the distinctive Yellow and Black spots were created. At the same meeting, the name "Shahaniya Aardvarks" was ditched because Mr. Wilde wanted something "altogether more aggressive". The Arabian Leopard fitted the new color scheme beautifully and the Shahaniya Leopards were born.

In our early history, the Leopards also managed to create two mottos; "Welcome to the House of Fun" and "Win, lose or draw, you'll always hear the Leopards Rrrrooooaaarrr". These were important guiding principles at the time as we only ever came last! We are very proud that we have stuck to our laughter - centered approach as we have battled and clawed our way from perennial losers to winning the House Cup twice in the last three years.

Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2
Key Stage 3-5
Whole School
A. Salil 
S. Joji
G. Panchal
R. Kemalasari
B. Razuilla  
I. Ambrocio
M. Ocampo
A. Castro
S. Shetty 
O. Uguru
K. Okoruwa
H. Doukh 
G. Coan
S. Khaliq

S. John 
M. Taha 

K. Sikander