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 Khattiyah Scorpions

When the House System was introduced in 2005 it was decided that the four houses would be named after areas of Qatar. Khattiyah, the nearest of all, is situated just outside the QP gates. These surrounding desolate plains combined with the soaring heat provide the perfect playground for  the sting of the Scorpion. It was decided that red was the most appropriate colour for Khattiyah to adopt, representing the dawn and rise to power for many ancient civilizations. And so, the Khattiyah Scorpions were no longer a distant vision, but had become a reality.

The staff of Khattiyah believes that it is important to provide every student not only access to participate in events, but also the opportunity to lead and shape the direction of their house. Having said this, Key Stage Leaders are elected by their fellow house members to provide a conduit for communication and allow the Khattiyahan identity to blossom and flourish within the wider school community.

Today, we continue to echo the remnants of the House of Lancaster and the Italian Red Shirts of victory. Our success on the sporting field and in the arts is testament to the strengths of all house members. Together, we will continue to encourage and nurture skills which are focused around developing camaraderie, teamwork and readiness for the world at large. We hope that Khattiyah students can experience success and embrace the opportunities to develop leadership and build positive relationships for the benefit of all.


Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2
Key Stage 3-5
Whole School

M. Rakesh 
L. Benyi
S. Reyes
A. Racana

B. Mohan 
K. Gunn
M. Pizzara
G. Price 
R. Buenaventura
J. Davidson
M. Frias
M. Aguilar

M. Myrna
A. Bacani
M. Solante
S. Cataby
R. Villarante
L. Solante
A. V Der Merwe
D. Canton 
S. Al-Zaidy 
W.Van der Merwe
S. Amin
T. Stait Gardner
J. Bratton
S. Ahmed
L. Canton 
Sister Renita