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Students can take Psychology as an examination subject at Key Stage 4.  Students have already touched upon some areas of psychological interest in other lessons at Key Stage 3 such as Biology (Why do I look and act more like my father than my mother?), PSHE (Why do I forget my Maths homework?) and History (Why do people follow dictators such as Hitler or Stalin?)
Psychology examines and attempts to explain human behavior and the processes of the brain, hence it is very much an applied science: students can see examples of psychology all around them every day at school, at home or in the news.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Edexcel Psychology introduces students to a selection of the main concerns and issues in psychological research, focusing on Perception, Dreaming, Aggression, Phobias and Crime. In each of these topics, students learn key theories and important studies as well as the scientific methodology needed to carry out the relevant research.
There is a strong focus on:
• Understanding and evaluating psychological concepts
• Analysing and practising a range of research methods used, such as experiments or observations
• Relating and applying these skills and knowledge to everyday life.
Students are expected to contribute effectively in class activities, communicate their ideas clearly and feel comfortable using mathematical and scientific methods.