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With the advances in digital technology, our world is undergoing a period of rapid change, the likes of which has never been seen before. Soon our children will be living in a world with driverless cars and wireless charging and they will be employed in professions that do not currently exist.
As educators we have to therefore ensure our curriculum prepares children to meet the demands of the 21st century and at Qatar Petroleum we are committed to giving pupils the different skills they need to excel.

We believe pupils need to be able to:

·        evaluate and process multiple forms of information

·        work flexibly

·        apply concepts in unfamiliar contexts

·        solve complex problems.

In order to do this we have developed a set of 21st
Century Competencies (21CC) that are embedded across the primary curriculum.

There are four common core competencies:

1.    Critical Thinking – evaluating and processing information through analytical reasoning

2.    Creativity – solving problems in an innovative and creative manner

3.    Collaboration – working in teams

4.    Communication – using a range of media and technologies to communicate effectively


Throughout the primary phase teachers use a range of strategies and project-based learning, to plan purposeful experiences in all lessons, which allow our pupils to develop these competencies.

To support pupils, we use the NXplorers thinking toolkit – a set of 12 graphical representations that help pupils to structure their thinking. The tools allow children to explore issues in a structured manner and consider how to manage change and propose creative solutions to problems.

Each term there are Challenge Days, during which pupils work collaboratively with their peers in different key stages to solve real-life challenging problems that affect modern societies. These are opportunities for pupils to apply the 21CC competencies they learn throughout the year. To enrich this experience, pupils are also able to take part in extra-curricular competitions such as Destination Imagination.  Family Learning Days are also organised throughout the academic year when parents work with their children on a variety of complex problem solving activities.

For more information please feel free to contact the school.