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 Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 comprises Years 10 and 11. It is a crucial stage in the students’ development from children to young adults, both in terms of their academic education, and their personal growth as individuals with varied talents and characters.

Key Stage 4 culminates in the examinations for the International General Certificates of Education (IGCSEs). These qualifications are a vital stepping stone towards further education and future careers. In the past, the IGCSEs marked the end of education at Dukhan English School, but the school now offers Sixth Form education. Key Stage 4 forms a bridge to Sixth Form education at Dukhan English School, enabling the students to maintain a continuous educational programme throughout their school lives. This is part of our ongoing effort to improve the range of educational choices available to our students, so that we can offer a first-rate international education to the community.

After the examinations, Key Stage 4 students take part in a work experience programme with Qatar Petroleum. This helps to prepare students for the extra responsibilities of the Sixth Form and the world of work.

Key Stage 4 is a time when students prepare to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.  In order to face the challenges ahead successfully, they must develop qualities of self-reliance, integrity, maturity, and self-motivation. As young adults, students in Key Stage 4 are keen to establish their unique identities. At these ages extra-curricular activities such as the Oryx Award are especially important, as they provide an excellent way to help students discover their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and self-doubts, and learn how to interact with their peers and adults. It is vital that Years 10 and 11 are not simply seen as a time of academic study, but for students to engage actively and positively with life and the wider world.


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